Angel Blessings-A Million Angel Blessings to You!

A Message For You From Angel Blessings

A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever

Dear Friend,

A million blessings to you!

Do you know the pure goodness and protection of angels? Would you like to send a fantastic angel blessing to someone you love on a special occasion or as a message of comfort in a time of need, illness or difficulty?

Can you think of a better way to celebrate life than with a blessing from the angels? It's never been easier. May I share the good news?

It's an honor to present the One Million Angel Blessings Bill. Exquisitely printed in limited quantities with lithography metal plates on high-quality currency paper especially for Angel Blessings. The artwork radiates with joy and ethereal beauty.

Our special Angel Blessings Bill is only available for a limited time. The illuminated full-color design is so lovely, you may want to frame it. Many people do just that - collect and display the One Million Angel Blessings Bills. Yet, I have a feeling you'll also want to give the Bills to others.

The instant you see and feel the One Million Angel Blessings Bill, you'll sense the power of the angelic blessings. Like you, I believe more blessings come when we share our love of angels. This "Heavenly Money" will do just that and its presentation folder can be personalized with your own message to make your gift more meaningful.

For a very short time, it's my pleasure to make this offer: Buy one Blessings Bill and I'll send you a second one absolutely free, that's two One Million Angel Blessings Bills for just $10.95. You may find that two isn't enough. Because I know the special power of its blessings, I'd like you to have four for less than the price of three. Yes, four One Million Angel Blessings Bills for only $18.95. It's a wonderful gift for loved ones and friends who need a lift! Here is a gift sure to bring a smile and heartfelt appreciation that comes with receiving a gift of such rare beauty. It's a gift that truly tells what is in your heart and will be kept for all time by the lucky recipient.

Order with complete confidence. If for any reason you are not 100 percent satisfied, your money will be cheerfully returned. No questions asked. Your full refund will reach you in 10 days, I promise. I make this no risk offer because I know you'll be delighted! But, for any reason you're not, you'll get every penny back.

Since you have nothing at risk and so much to gain, why not take a few minutes to order right now? You'll be very glad you did.

One last point -when you buy the One Million Angel Blessings Bill, a portion of your purchase goes directly to prevent child abuse and neglect. It's our way of spreading the blessings further.

Wishing you a million blessings.

P.S. -- Since our Angel Blessings Bill is printed in limited quantities you may want to tuck a few away as a collectible that is sure to increase in value in the coming years.

Angel Blessings One Million Angel Blessings bill guarantee

We believe in the golden rule. If for any reason you are not delighted with your Angel Blessings Bill, your money will be promptly and cheerfully returned. No questions asked.

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